Coming out of lockdown

What a rollercoaster the last 18 months have been. Firstly, thank you to all our clients that have kept their bookings with us. We can’t wait to see you again and be involved in creating your perfect day. We had the pleasure of doing our first wedding of 2021 last week. What should have been a large reception of 150 people with a band and dancing was skimmed down to an intimate five course taster menu with just 30 guests. The lovely team at Hire-love dressed the marquee to perfection and it really did look amazing.

Lockdown one was a funny one for us. In March 2020 we closed our doors and it was a very worrying time. We are lucky that we have such a small team so thankfully we have managed to keep everyone on. I spent most of the time doing up my new house, and sunbathing in the garden. It was odd to have a summer off after 17 years on the tents! Steve got on with his beloved garden, and painted the outside of his house for the millionth time! Once restrictions were eased, we had a brief period of work towards the end of the summer. It was nice to be back doing what we love. Thankfully, we had a number of marquees up at The Maidstone studios to provide crew areas; this was a life saver for us. We worked on two big shows that were aired recently – Game of Talents and I can see your voice. We’ve been providing marquees at the studios now for over ten years, and we absolutely love working with the team there.

November’s lockdown was a totally different story. It started with me getting the virus. I was very lucky to only have it mildly, and after 5 days I was back to normal. Being shut away on my own for 2 weeks sent me slightly crazy though, so in December I started working at Sainsburys as a Christmas temp. Meanwhile, Steve discovered a new love of baking. He’s been living the good life!

But now we’re back…

For the last few months we’ve been at “The empire” a few days a week, getting things ready behind the scenes. Everything is now cleaned, fixed and prepped. Next week it goes crazy!

June 2021